Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Sleep Pad

I bought the large (77″ x 25″) so my arms wouldn’t hang off the sides. All other sizes are just 20″ wide. The biggest one is still small and light. Thick so it doesn’t have to be inflated super firm to not feel the ground.

I had a Ridge-rest foam pad on my first two tours. That was fine but really just a bare minimum, comfort-wise. I had some made in China air pad on my last tour but it was only 20″ wide and I gave it to a friend who was about to ride from NYC to Guatemala and didn’t have anything.

I’ve had this NeoAir about a year and a half and have used it on a dozen weekend trips, like packed hotel rooms and staying with friend in other cities.

Touring is a different story. Will inflating this thing every night after a long days ride be something I like? After I lie on it will.

I think I bought this at EMS in Manhattan during one of their sales.

Cost: about $150

Made in USA