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May 2013

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” – William G.T. Shedd

Having a thought that since i don’t know much about ACA except that they make maps. But their maps are set routes and not for making your own way. Ive never thought id want to buy a set of maps and do one of their routes but since I’m stuck a home, vs being on tour, i keep looking at touring stuff online and seeing more and more mentions of ACA. I think if i was on a long roaming tour i would like to meet other bikers touring and maybe ride a section of one of their routes to see if the maps are any good. So i might buy some later on. Right now im thinking the most popular single map section, to hopefully meet a high number of other riders. And the least popular section to see what they worked on without a convoy of LHTs in my way. And third, one that a person from ACA would recommend. It’s my hope these 3 maps are of areas nowhere near each other.

Thinking about making a vest. Somewhere I found mention of someone taking a vest to double as a pillow. Seems like a good idea. I’d make a pillow case the right size to fold it twice and keep shape of a pillow.

On the 5th I, and 32,000 others, rode over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on our bicycles. Rad.

Looked at the new Canon EOS SL1 DSLR. Tiny and light, might think about one to take on tour because it has the same lens mount as my SLR. But expensive.

Testing out a pair of Panaracer Pasela Tourguard 700x32c tires on my daily rider.

Picked up a 50t chain ring.

Picked out head tube style. I was thinking about going with a 45×45 headset like what is on my Brooklyn Machine Works track bike but after speaking with Joe we decided on using a Chris King 1-1/8″ NoThreadSetâ„¢ on my touring bike. So we will order a head tube to match that.

After looking at my old touring bike we have a rough on the geometry.
Head Tube angle 73.5
Seat Tube angle 72
Wheel Base 41″
BB drop 2.25″

Also made a deposit to order tubes.

I still need to sew the other pannier.

Touring Bike – Soma Saga frame set

Soma Saga touring frame set

Today I saw one of these and spoke to the owner about the build up. It had Salsa woodchipper bars, barend shifters, Thompson set-back seat post, a Tubus rear rack, triple crankset, and a nice Tange fork. Over all a good looking bike. I should have taken a picture. He said he was real happy but had it only for a week and was planing to ride to Montauk, NY. This bike, with a thought out build, looks very tour worthy.

Touring biker: Ari Gold

Ari Gold bike touring august 2011

Ari Gold and loaded bicycle. August 6th, 2011 outside a Hannaford grocery in York Village, Maine

I met Ari by chance that we both were on bike tours and both at the same market at the same time. He was 23 months into a much longer tour. He could recite a long list of cities and towns that were along his route. It sounded like a song. His goal was to get to Australia. He showed me a rear view mirror he makes and sells. It was different because you wear it on your hand. He was also kind and gave me a couple of ball on a bungee fasteners, that proved to be very useful.